5 Tips on how to Survive College

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5 Tips on how to Survive College

1. Eat well. You’ll be happy.
With mom not around, it’s easy to skip meals, eat only fast-food fare & gorge yourself at the cafeteria buffet line. DON’T DO IT. Mix in fruits, vegetables and lots of water. That’s a lot of test-fuel for a body that needs it.

2. Watch your Money
The guy who coined the phrase “No such thing as a free lunch” must have been a college president. College costs are soaring.Making it worse, schools and banks are stuffing loans and credit cards in the pockets of students who don’t understand the cost of either one. Money issues are the number 1 reason for dropping out of school. Have fun, but also be frugal.

3. Buddy up.
Every event in college, like eating, walking to class, watching a game or hanging out, is a potential group activity and chance to make a friend. Getting a buddy is especially helpful during the late night study sessions. If you’re the quiet one, say yes when someone suggests something. There is never going to be an easier place to make friends and share experiences than college.

4. Have fun. Lots of fun.
More fun than you’ve imagined. So much fun that you’ll have stories to tell your parents (the appropriate ones), friends, children and grandchildren. That’s what college is really about, taking the last steps of childhood and first steps of adulthood and learning from both.

5. Go to class.
Last, but definitely not least. There are so many distractions in college, like TV, sleep, and parties, that it’s easy to forget why you’re there in the first place. There is no substitute for the interaction in a classroom. Explanations of material, anecdotes that breathe life into a subject, hints that help at test time, and the chance to get to know more people are just a few good reasons to lay off the snooze button, get up and go to class.

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