Kids got gum in their hair again?!

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Kids got gum in their hair again?!

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I think getting gum stuck in your hair is almost a right of passage for some kids. It’s just one of those things that has to happen, to make us as parents want to pull our hair out. Well, pull no more, think of it as a great story you will be able to tell.
Follow these few steps to avoid having to cut the gum out.

1.    Find a jar of creamy style peanut butter or vegetable oil, such as olive oil.

2.    Cover the gum completely with peanut butter or oil using your fingers or an old toothbrush. With peanut butter, the oils in the product make the chewing gum base stiffer and less sticky.

3.    Wait a few minutes to allow the product to work.

4.    Remove the gum from the hair.Vegetable oil is especially useful when removing gum from eyebrows or eyelashes.

5.    Wash your child’s hair as normal.

See, no big deal, now you have something to talk about the night of their first date. Just make sure to take lots of pictures, it will make the story even better; my favorite is the pouty lip one, while the peanut butter is sitting.

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