More Family Time

//More Family Time

More Family Time

Time with the family is almost as stressful as making time to work out. If you let it be that way.

We have tried to reinvent the wheel on this one, and a lot of other things in life. We have to make this big production, and don’t realize it’s the basics that count.

Would you agree everyone needs to eat dinner? Of coarse! (I hope) we all remember that once a year tamale or manicotti making experience in the kitchen, everyone is laughing, remembering, and having a great time. Bring it down to scale, and make Taco Tuesday just as fun. Or make one night a week “New Recipe Night” this way, it’s an adventure, no one has an upper hand, and if there are little ones, they will learn something more valuable than any class could teach. Family tradition.

Game night
Pick one night a week where everything else is pushed to wayside. Sometimes this may include dinner…hello Pizza delivery guy! Monopoly not your thing? Do a puzzle, or play Uno, or another favorite card game. Sometimes kids have the strangest card games any of us have ever heard of! Letting them teach you will give them a sense of pride like you wouldn’t believe.

Taking the dogs for a walk
There is nothing that begs for conversation than a walk. Using the dogs as an excuse is an excellent way to make this happen. I promise the worst that can happen is you forget the doggie bags, and run like crazy home, because you didn’t want to be THAT person. Everyone will laugh, and there you have it, memories made!


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