So your going to move!

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So your going to move!

It’s fun, it’s exciting…then it hits you like a ton of bricks. “How did I end up with so much stuff?!”

Here are a few tried and true ways of getting through.

De-clutter and donate
Start going through each room, by looking for the stuff you haven’t used in the last 6 months. A closet is always a great place to start, because let’s face it, every one of us has a pair of jeans or a shirt that we just can’t let go of. Well, today is the day. If it’s not a seasonal item, and you pass over it every time you go to change, someone else can use it.

Decorative decor
Try to imagine your furniture in your new place. Is there room, will it fit? If you start to negotiate now, you will negotiate with yourself there. Sometimes less is more. If it’s a piece of furniture that has been with you for quite sometime, give it to a family member or friend with the exception that before they get rid of it, they call you. There, now it’s not really gone, and you have a great excuse to go visit them!

Organize, organize, organize!
If you can get most of the paperwork, bills and loose items organized in bins, filing cabinets, or other cool organizational gadgets now, your life of unpacking will seem like a breeze! This goes for the kitchen too. If you have that huge bag of flour that you know is going to explode during the move, get a few containers to hold stuff like that it. Wrap those up, and your good to go!

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